Our Story


MedScreen was established by NRCME DOT Medical Examiners after years of providing comprehensive care for the trucking industry. Our physicians developed a product that would help drivers reduce the frequency of DOT physicals while also improving fleet savings. We partnered with industry leading fleet managers to produce a game-changing data analytics platform - the results are astonishing.

Fleets can now track medical requirements, communicate directly with Medical Examiners, and use comprehensive data analytics to reduce cost and refer drivers to same day specialists.

From a clinical perspective, we have created the first DOT Electronic Health Record (EHR), streamlining your workflow and reducing ancillary staff commitments. More than just a form filler. We partner with leading medical record systems to create a direct connection with your established software.

MedScreen simplifies DOT medical operations by creating an experience that is completely new and ground-breaking for the trucking industry, resulting in quicker, easier medical certifications. MedScreen - The first DOT Medical Assistant


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